About Us


We are exporters agricultural commodities.
Currently we are focused on export of Semi Husked Coconut and Kelulut honey

About Us

PT. TRI UTAMI KHATULISTIWA is a company originating from West Kalimantan, Indonesia. This company is engaged in processing round old coconuts into semi-coconut husk and in Marketing and Selling Kelulut Honey.

For the coconut and kelulut honey that is produced by itself, it comes from the Sambas district, West Kalimantan. This company was formed in 2022 and serves sales at home and abroad by promoting high quality in the semi-coconut husked and kelulut honey that will be sold.

Our Vision

  1. Become a quality coconut and kelulut honey company according to consumer needs and always be able to compete and develop in a healthy manner.
  2. Make this company a forum, especially for Kelulut honey farmers, to market their crops to the international market.

Our Mission

  1. Producing and providing products according to customer requirements by paying attention to quality aspects.
  2. Carry out company activities honestly and responsibly.
  3. Providing decent and sustainable work outcomes for customers, society, and the workplace environment.

Why Choose Us

Officially Resgistered Company

Our company is an officially registered company in the form of a sole proprietorship (PT. TRI UTAMI KHATULISTIWA). With the legality of a legally registered company.

Professional Team

Our team are Professional at the job and have excelent experience.

Competitive Price

The prices we offer on each product, service and goods have competitive prices in the market.

Our Product

Semi Husked Coconut

Semi Husked Coconut comes from West Borneo, Indonesia Production capacity of 100 – 250 tons per month

Spesification semi husked coconut Grade A:

  • Coconut harvest age 10 months and over.
  • No sprout
  • No rotten
  • No damp or wet
  • Coconut weight 8 ons and over

Kelulut honey

Kelulut honey is honey that is produced from stingless bees called TRIGONA ITAMA. These bees are scattered in several areas with tropical and subtropical climates.

In Indonesia, these bees are scattered in areas adjacent to the equator. Kelulut honey itself is slightly different from bee honey in general, where bee honey in general produces honey with a sweet taste.

As for trigona bees, the honey produced is very dependent on the weather in the area where the honey is bred.

Our Value


Building strong partnerships with farmers, local producers and customers for mutual benefit.


Act with integrity and uphold good business ethics standards.


Maintain product and service quality at a very good level.


Committed to sustainable agriculture and protecting the environment.

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