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We are exporters agricultural commodities.
Currently we are focused on export of Semi Husked Coconut and Kelulut honey

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Our Product

Semi Husked Coconut

Semi Husked Coconut comes from West Borneo, Indonesia Production capacity of 100 – 250 tons per month

Spesification semi husked coconut Grade A:

  • Coconut harvest age 10 months and over.
  • No sprout
  • No rotten
  • No damp or wet
  • Coconut weight 8 ons and over

Kelulut honey

Kelulut honey is honey that is produced from stingless bees called TRIGONA ITAMA. These bees are scattered in several areas with tropical and subtropical climates.

In Indonesia, these bees are scattered in areas adjacent to the equator. Kelulut honey itself is slightly different from bee honey in general, where bee honey in general produces honey with a sweet taste.

As for trigona bees, the honey produced is very dependent on the weather in the area where the honey is bred.

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