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Kelulut Honey

We believe that a product that is processed properly will produce a quality product, because of that we always maintain the natural process of making honey kelutut because we believe that natural products will produce good nutrition for the body

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Kelulut honey

Kelulut honey is honey that is produced from stingless bees called TRIGONA ITAMA. These bees are scattered in several areas with tropical and subtropical climates.
In Indonesia, these bees are scattered in areas adjacent to the equator. Kelulut honey itself is slightly different from bee honey in general, where bee honey in general produces honey with a sweet taste. As for trigona bees, the honey produced is very dependent on the weather in the area where the honey is bred.

For the sweet taste produced by trigona bees, this is in summer accompanied by occasional rains.
Where this weather produces good flower essence on a special plant called INTAPUNG (melaban). However, this plant only flowers 2 times a year which ranges between January-February or July-August. Meanwhile, when trigona bees eat flower essences on plants or trees that we usually encounter such as mango trees, rambutan, guava, mangosteen trees and others. This produces a slightly sour sweet taste.

When the rainy season arrives, usually the honey produced by the Trigona bee is mostly sour.
Because the flower essence on plants that are a source of food do not flower well and a lot. This situation makes it difficult for trigona bees to find food which can cause trigona bees to be sick and stressed. For that we need a special plant that is planted around the farm, namely the SANTOS plant. This Santos plant can flower in all seasons and become a food reserve for trigona bees when the rainy season arrives


  1. Strengthen the body’s immune system
  2. Accelerate blood circulation and damaged cells
  3. Strengthen brain and heart function
  4. Accelerate blood circulation
  5. Ward off free radicals
  6. Propolis content is higher than other honey
  7. Has antiaging/beauty effect
  8. Lowers the risk of heart disease
  9. Lowers the risk of cancer
  10. Lower cholesterol
  11. Good for people with diabetes
  12. Overcome inflammation
  13. Source of male vitality

Gallery Kelulut honey

Plants that are planted close to kelulut beehives

INTAPUNG plants, whose strach extract is used gor food for kelulut bees

In the kelulut beehive, only the honeycombs that are completely close can be harvested

The process of opening kelulut beehives

The process of harvesting kelulut honey bees

Process of bee kelulut in and out of the hive

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